The Special Need Children Center Foundation (SNCCF) is focused on acquiring a piece of land (approximately 2 acres) build a facility tailored to the disabled children and their families. It is estimated that one out of 12 children born in United States will have some type of disability. The foundation is intended to provide a central physical location for disabled children to receive services that are necessary for having a productive life such as housing placement, job placement, assistant with education as well as trade training, therapy, and more. SNCCF was founded in May 2006 under 501 C-3 non profit categories. Currently is being operated by a 5 member Board of Directors. The first 6 years plan is divided in 4 phases of operation as follows:
  • Phase-I Establish the foundation as a 501 C-3 tax exempt foundation
  • Phase-II Develop Business Plan, Initial Fund Raising
  • Phase-III Implementation Plan, Ground Breaking, Continue Fund Raising
  • Phase-IV Operational phase


General Description of the Foundation
The Special Need Children Center Foundation is established to raise funds to acquire a property and build a facility where the children and young adults with disability can go to and use the facilities with provisions for improved quality of life, Knowledgeable approach to unique challenges disabled individuals and their families face, a safe environment to socialize and above all prepare for a productive adulthood life.
There are many organizations that provide special services but non that provides all the services these children and young adults need.
In order to achieve its objective, SNCCF has established a phased approach plan. Phase one will allow for providing educational services, and referral services through a web site ( ). During this 5 years phase the foundation servants are required to approach most possible sources for funds and solicit funds for the final phase which is to acquire land and build the center. The operational costs are funded through government provided resources, support organizations (e.g. United Way) and annual fund raising events.
Foundation Services
  • Design a library for use in recreational as well as educational activities by individuals with disability and to serve as a resource library for their families. This is accomplished by collaboration between schools, local libraries and individual donations.
  • Develop and provide exercise facilities so people with CP and other similar disabilities can participate in physical activities that are otherwise unavailable to them, including a heated swimming pool with special access equipment. This is accomplished by hiring an architect and requiring the tailoring of the state of the art facilities to special need children.
  • Establish an entertainment (video games, T/V, computers, music) and special events center. This center not only will accommodate individual use it also accommodates group activities just as well. This feature will be included in the design of the facilities.
  • Provide wheelchairs, bath chairs, lifts and other equipment, repair and recycling services. Collect the used equipment from those who can no longer use the equipment, within the foundation web site identify the available equipment and provide the equipment for the needy through established processes. This is intended to be accomplished in collaboration with the local trade schools and colleges. A win-win program to be established where the students will receive academic credit for fixing and repairing the equipment used by special need children and young adults.
  • Provide safe and comfortable gathering place for the special need children for use after school hours and during holidays and summer time. This objective will be established by parent participation as well as community volunteer participation as well as collaboration with the local hospital and government agencies.
  • Provide employee placement for young, qualified special need children. This task will be established by collaboration with government provided resources, high schools, and other support organizations. This objective will be accomplished directly or by Collaboration programs between the SNCCF clients and local colleges, industry and business to create training programs for SNCCF clients.
  • Use available government funded sources and resources such as “Young Adult Program” Or Rehabilitation Services, Regional Center of East Bay and other existing organizations…
  • Provide a resource center for vocational evaluation and housing placement. The housing availability information is provided to the family of special need children or the young adults and they will be assisted throughout the process of qualification.
  • Develop educational programs to supplement the available academic environment. Such as friendly visitor program, field trips, hospital visits etc….
Implementation Strategy
Phase -I (SNCC establishment and planning phase)
  • During phase-I most efforts are tailored to establish the foundation as a 501 C-3 organization, – Develop the foundation web site, link all known web based resources which are established and are publicly available to the SNCC foundation web site (e.g. assistive technology, United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) etc…), include FAQ, Ask your question from a friend on the clip board.
  • Establish a physical location for meetings, interviews. This May be done by joining an existing organization (e.g. league of Volunteers, local adult schools city provided facilities) and using their facilities.
  • Promote the existence of the SNCCF, collect statistical data local, regional, national data in support of SNCCF business plan
  • Inform all the local (Northern California) non profits of SNCC foundation and its mission. Collect data on local county disabled population.
Phase-II (Establish the foundation Business Plan)
Objectives of phase-II are to Establish the foundation business plan required to initiate the major fund raising. During this phase the goal is to raise sufficient funds to acquire land or facility to prepare the foundation for phase-III of the business plan. The following is the summary of tasks to be accomplished during Phase-II
  • Establish financial strategy.
  • Sources of income
  • Government resources
  • Non profit organizations (United Way)
  • Local business organizations
  • Fund raising
  • Volunteer donations
  • United Way
  • Develop strategy and methods of Fund raising
  • Initiate the architectural design of the facility
  • Initiate filing process per local requirements for the facilities
  • Continue providing services through web site
The time table for this phase is to start June of 2020 and complete by June of 2022 at which time phase-III of SNCC foundation business plan is to start.
Phase-III (Implementation phase)
The objective of this phase is to initiate the ground breaking and construction of the facilities as approved by local ordinances. Establishment and confirmation of financial sources for the operational cost is another key objective of this phase.
This phase is planned to start June 2020 and complete and ready for phase-IV by July 2022.
Geographic locations to be served
Alameda County, Northern California
The population to be served
  • Newborn, disabled children and their Families. Hospitals are informed and briefed about the SNCCF and its mission and they in turn will inform the families who are blessed by the birth of a special need child.
  • Children at preschool, kindergartens and elementary schools and their families. Local kindergartens are informed of SNCCF and its mission and they in turn will inform the families of special need children of SNCCF.
  • Kindergartens and elementary schools teachers are informed about the SNCCF mission, and they in turn can refer special need children who need assistance in improving their academic needs.
  • Special needs students at high schools
  • Parents of students with special need at high schools
  • CCS supported children and their families
  • RCEB supported children and their families
Phase III Acquisition
  • Complete land acquisition
  • Continue discussions with city until land acquisition is completed
  • Identify and procure land
  • Emphasize on fund raising
  • Approach government resources for fund
  • Continue approaching the none profit organizations for fund
  • Design the facility
  • Establish accurate costs for the building
  • Initiate approaching other organizations for contributions
  • Home Depot, Loews, Ace Hardware, Orchard Supply
  • Habitat for Humanity, local Developers
  • Acquire city approval of the plan
  • Update the Web Site
  • Continue promotion and exposure of the SNCCF
  • Continue collection of statistical data on Alameda County
Operational Plan
During the operational phase it is estimated that the foundation will serve an average of 7 to 10 child with their family support. Additionally an individual will be assigned to support electronic media services provided for those who are unable to routinely attend and utilize the SNCCF facilities. It is planned to have 3full time paid employees and 3 part time paid employees to account for flexibilities in number of users of SNCCF facilities.